Great Plains Geocaching StoreLocated in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, the Great Plains Geocache Store opened on August 27, 2004 as a distributor and promoter for Geocaching clubs and individuals looking for an alternative source for getting their Geocaching items and supplies.The Great Plains Geocache store is owned by SSSCOM, Inc.

Geocaching Logo is the first site of the game. A number of people were instrumental in the initial phases of the web site to bring it to where it is today, namely: Jeremy Irish, Elias Alvord and Bryan Roth with input from Mike Teague.

There are many similar forums where geocachers get together to discuss their hobby.


Sissy & her husband CR are avid cachers from South Carolina. They've used their talents to creat items useful to the Geocaching community. In addition to items for sale. Sissy-n-CR have tools for helping someone who is interested in joining the growing sport.

Each picture takes you to an explaination detailing different aspects of Geocaching.
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